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Eco Berry is a local refill delivery service

Eco Berry makes it easier for you to take the step towards plastic free living with a range of affordable eco-friendly products for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry that work well and look great!


How it Works

1. Check you are in my delivery area.

2. Browse the shop and choose your products.

    There is a choice of:

  • a refill product in an Eco Berry amber glass bottle

  • a refill product only (to fill up a container you already own)

  • 10% discount on bulk purchases of 2.5 & 5 litres

  • an eco friendly product.

3. I will be in contact to confirm your delivery day. Leave your bottles on your doorstep/in a safe place for a contact free delivery. 

Please ensure your bottles are clean & dry before I refill.

There is a £5 minimum order for delivery.

If delivery is greater than 5 miles from Finchampstead minimum order is £15. 

About Eco Berry

Hi I'm Isabel, welcome to Eco Berry! 

​As you know, plastic waste is everywhere. Our environment and wildlife is suffering as a result. If we all do our bit, it can make a massive difference to improving the future of our planet. 


​I've been trying to reduce plastic at home for some time, but as a busy working mum I've found it's not always easy! The products I'm now selling have helped me, so I wanted to create Eco Berry to help others who have found it equally challenging.


I have been met with a huge amount of enthusiasm and support from the local community and am so grateful to everyone who has shopped with me or supported my small business so far! 


Eco Berry would love to make plastic free living easier for you.


Thank you for visiting!


Together we can plant a forest!

In May 2021 Eco Berry partnered with the amazing Tree-Nation.

With every order a tree will be planted by Eco Berry via Tree-Nation.


This means together we can reduce plastic consumption while helping reforestation efforts around the world. 


Read more here.

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