Can I use my own containers?

Definitely! Please ensure the containers are clean for the refill. For safety, I would encourage you to label your containers clearly to prevent mix ups.

Do I have to be at home when you deliver?

No, just make sure you leave your clean, labelled bottles somewhere safe to be refilled and put back.  

Will I be able to buy extras when you're at my door?

Yes, I have a card terminal which accepts all major card payments at your door. I carry a small amount of stock from my online shop.


I'm just outside the delivery area, can I still use this service?

Please email isabel@ecoberry.co.uk and I will see if I can accommodate you.  

What are your safety precautions with coronavirus?

Your safety is my priority. I wear a mask for deliveries and hand sanitise between visits. 

If you have any other questions please email isabel@ecoberry.co.uk