Bamboo Plasters

Bamboo Plasters

Option of Coconut (Kids), Aloe vera, Charcoal and Natural.

A sensitive, hypoallergenic and natural wound care alternative. 

Soothes symptoms and assists with wound recovery.

Ideal for blisters, cuts and minor abrasions.

25 plasters in a recycled cardboard tube, printed with natural colour dye.


Coconut Oil (Kids): soothes minor abrasions and provides long lasting support for sensitive skin.

Natural healing benefits, including antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Reduces inflammation and keeps the skin moisturised to help regenerate new skin cells.


Aloe Vera: ideal to treat wounds, burns and other skin conditions.

The polysaccharides are known to increase cellular movement resulting in faster and more efficient tissue regrowth.

The glycoproteins are an effective pain reliever.


Activated Charcoal: Ideal for infections, bites, cuts and minor abrasions.

The activated charcoal is known to neutralize many different kinds of pathogens that directly or indirectly produce or promote infection.

Asorbs poisons and toxins, promoting the healing process.


Biodegradable and organic.

100% organic bamboo fibre.

100% compostable.

Earth friendly, cruelty free and vegan.

Free from plastic, silicon, latex and parabens.

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