Soft Reusable Face Pads

Soft Reusable Face Pads

A great alternative to disposable face wipes and can just be popped in the washing machine to use again and again! 

Made from bee design cotton prints in an option of 3 colours with a super soft polar fleece on the reverse.

  • Pack of 7
  • Great for sensitive skin and use around the eye area
  • Washable
  • Zero waste 
  • Approximately 7cm wide
  • Eco friendy
  • Handmade in the UK by Mummy's Marvellous Makes

TO WASH: rinse well after use, hand or machine wash.

It is recommended that you place the face wipes in a small bag when washing in a machine so they don't get lost. 
If used to remove nail varnish, please wash separately in order to prevent damage to other clothing.


TO DRY: can be tumble dried, line dried or on a window sill in the sun!

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