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Plants trees with Eco Berry

One tree will be planted by Eco Berry via Tree-Nation with every order. 

This means that together we're not only reducing plastic consumption, we are helping reforest and cool the Earth.


How we plant trees
Eco Berry has partnered with Tree-Nation 
who plant trees of different varieties in various locations all over the world.

Why plant trees?
An estimated 15 billion trees are cut down every year to make space for the production of crops that are used for consumer products, or to make space for cattle ranching to produce more meat.

At this rate, we can expect to have no more rainforests by 2100 and no trees by 2200.

With trees storing around twice as much greenhouse gases as there are currently in the atmosphere, without stopping deforestation we will have an extremely dangerous future with global temperatures increasing by over 4.0 °C this century, and potentially much more in centuries to come.

Tree-Nation was founded in 2006, it has planted over 8.5 million trees in more than 90 reforestation projects. This improves the world we live in by enabling people to plant trees with minimal effort and helps organisations spread the word about their sustainable products and services. 

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